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PIT STOP PRO KIT Special. Save $10 If Purchased Separately $99.95. Limited time only!!!
PIT STOP PRO KIT Special. Save $10 If Purchased Separately $99.95. Limited time only!!!

Price: $89.95
GLARE PLUS + Professional Polish will shine so bright, you will need sunglasses. A non-stick high-gloss all-weather sealant. The finest polish for your car, airplane, boat, motorcycle, glass, stainless steel, fiberglass, chrome, and RV in the worlds market. Filters out UV Rays, turns to glass on and within your paint. Contains Glassplexin®. Bonds molecularly to your paint. The most revolutionary polish ever developed. Beyond 22nd century technology. Lasts up to five years. [12 oz. bottle] GLARE Knock-Out Restores all paints, removes & reverses oxidation, and fills in scratches. Glassplexin actually fills in the surface scratches and reverses oxidation to bring the painted surfaces to a new level of beauty not available with any other compounds. Creates a shine so bright you will need sunglasses!! **One step compound - NO WAX! NO SILICONE! NO POLYMER! Easy to apply. Works quickly! Saves time! Removes swirl marks from all paint including clear coats!! Preps paint with the most advanced ingredient - Glassplexin GLARE Spider. Another innovation of Ultra 2000 MFG International Inc. Beyond 22nd century technology. GLARE Spider is the most advanced swirl, spider web, and scratch removal product in the market. Ultra high purity metal interlinked fusion of glass particles to Glassplexin forming a unique highly advanced swirl mark remover polish. GLARE Spider fills in permanently, it is NOT a temporary solution - not found anywhere.