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NEW! Glare Blast Quick & Fast Will Adapt to all Paints Flat or Glossy. Camo-Adaptive Technology-BEYOND ALL CERAMIC SPRAY POLISHES! CONTAINS GLASSPLEXIN®
Price: $39.95

GLARE BLAST is the most technologically advanced spray detailer polish ever developed! This is not just a simple cleaner, but a true polish that blocks UV rays and protects paint against contamination and the environment. This is the only spray detailer polish with Camo-Adaptive Technology™ which allows GLARE BLAST to adapt to whatever surface it is being applied to including Gloss Paint, Flat Paint (Matte or Satin Paint), Clear Coated Paint, ALL types of Polyurethane Paints, Enamel Paint, Nitrocellulose Paint, Gel-Coat, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Glass, Mirrors, Plexiglass, Helmets, Visors, Goggles, Sunglasses, Plastic (smooth or rough), Rubber, Vinyl, Leather, Chrome, Aluminum, All types of Metal Alloys, Powder Coat, and can even be used on outer engine components and casings. 

GLARE BLAST’s exclusive Camo-Adaptive Technology™ will make flat paint look like brand new flat paint without adding any unwanted sheen or gloss and eliminates and prevents fingerprints. When used on gloss paint it will make the paint pop with added gloss unmatched by any other spray detailer polish. This is the only spray detailer polish in the world with Camo-Adaptive Glassplexin® which allows GLARE BLAST to serve these two totally different and opposite functions for flat and gloss paints. Camo-Adaptive Technology™ makes it possible for this single product to enhance any and all types of paints in existence, and with our Glassplexin® formulation GLARE BLAST will offer you the best paint protection of any spray detailer product on the market. Whether your paint is supposed to shine or not, Camo-Adaptive Technology™ allows GLARE BLAST to know exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s easy to use, it will give your paint real protection because it contains our proprietary Glassplexin® formulation, and you can use it on virtually all other materials found on your vehicle besides just the paint. It truly is the most technologically advanced spray detailer polish ever unleashed onto the car care and motorcycle care market. This is cutting edge technology in paint appearance and protection. It sprays on fast and wipes off easy. It’s called GLARE BLAST and it’s Quick ‘N’ Fast! Don’t drive or ride without it.