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GLARE Ultra Wash (12 oz. bottle)
The most advanced wash ever developed. A PH balanced concentrated wash. Safe for all paints and finishes including the new clear-coated paints. New technology that leaves your vehicle clean and glossy like no other vehicle wash can. Contains Glassplexin which no other wash on the market has. Simply amazing. Looks like you just polished your car. [12 oz.]

Price: $16.95  


GLARE Vinyl Leather (12 oz. bottle)
GLARE Vinyl Leather all Weather Protectant contains a special blend of natural ingredients and a chemical formulation called SUPPLEXIN which is designed to beautify, soften, deodorize, preserve, and protect against damaging agents found in the everyday usage of your vehicles interior. This product cleans, conditions, preserves, and protects in one easy step while smelling great at the same time. Contains no harmful silicons, or adverse active ingredients. Blocks harmful UV rays. The finest and most technologically advanced interior product ever unleashed on the car care market, and thus worthy of the Glare Name. Beyond 22nd Century Technology!

Price: $17.95  


GLARE Tire Magic (16 oz. bottle)
Glare Tire Magic will filter out harmful Ultra Violet Rays from the sun. Extreme temperature resistant formula for all climates. Stops tires Rubber/Plastic from cracking and fading. Gives a beautiful rich natural high gloss finish. Tire Magic is Great for all Auto Trim, on all kind of Vehicles. Nothing like it. Splatter resistant formula. Easy to use - just spray and wipe! Nothing like this product on the market!!! Beyond 22nd Century Technology!

Price: $17.95  


Racers Edge Combo Kit

This kit includes one of each: GLARE Vinyl and Leather Treatment, GLARE Tire-Magic, GLARE Turbo-Action Wheel Cleaner, & GLARE Ultra Wash. This kit will save you $5.50  if purchased each bottle. separately.!  This Kit was rated as number one in the industry for protection in all climates and longevity. No harmful Silicones !!!!

Quick and easy to use. All the protection you need giving you a High Mirror, High Depth 3D Gloss!! Beyond 22nd Century Technology! 

Price: $64.90  


GLARE Waffle Towels
Amazing Waffle Towels, perfect for the enthusiasts and professional. For Washing and cleaning!! A must have. This cloth will not Scratch your vehicals painted surface!

Price: $9.95