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NEW! GLARE Strand Lock, Liquid Spray Fabric & Carpet Stain Repellent and Protectant! Get 10% OFF Special Coupon 5190223
New Strand Lock Liquid Spray on Fabric Protection withstands spills like soft drinks, ,(soda),coffee,dirt, grease, juice drinks and many other staining substances not listed. Quick and easy to apply Great for protecting your vehicles carpet and making it stain resistant! unsurpassed liquid repellency !! Strand Lock Liquid repellant is ideal for all fabrics, leather, suede, and vinyl. Locks in protection in carpets of all kinds. Shields from the earths elements including Harmful UV rays from the sun which is the reason why your fabric fades!! The UV feature in Strand Lock Fabric Protection is not available in any other liquid fabric protection in the market.

Price: $19.95  


Save an additional $10.00 By purchasing the Glare Sahara 16oz. spray bottle and the 32oz. Glare Sahara Refil bottle together. The Best all weather, dry wash spray polish on the planet! Filters out UV Rays, with that High Gloss Glare Shine Guranteed!!!

Price: $69.95  


NEW GLARE + Winners Circle Pro Kit - FAST DELIVERY- Special Pricing! Save $39.81, If Purchased Separately $134.80. All for $94.99 + CONTAINS GLASSPLEXIN® PROTECTS BEYOND ALL CERAMIC POLISHES! LASTS 5 REAL YEARS! NO RENEWAL COAT!
This kit includes one of each: The New GLARE+ Now with more Glassplexin more Protection. Contains GLARE Professional Polish,GLARE,Micro-Finish, GLARE Spider and GLARE Knock-Out Compound! This kit is the very best for new, and used Vehicles!!! Restores all painted surfaces. Great for Clear Coated Paints. UV Protection. Ultimate High Def. Gloss, and Shine! The very finest money can buy! Nothing like it. Beyond 22nd Century Technology!


Price: $94.99  


Glare Hurricane Variable High Speed Electric Buffer Special Get 10% Off Get a Free Bottle of Glare Polish - Free with Purchase! Use Coupon Code 5190229 Limited Time Only!
Our Glare Hurricane Variable High Speed Electric Buffer is Beautifully Balanced with all Ball Bearing Construction and Helical Steel Gears. It is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry for both Professional and Amateur detailer. The Buffer caters to all users with its Right/Left Reversible side handle and the 7” Backplate is included at no charge. Another impressive benefit features Replaceable Electric Brushes that take 5 minutes or less to replace – from the OUTSIDE of the unit! Your Glare Hurricane Variable High Speed Electric Buffer has a 90 day warranty and comes packaged with an extra set of electrical brushes, heavy duty carrying case and instructions. No refunds accepted..90 day warranty for repair or replacement. Two Year Extended Warranty is available for only $59.95 when added to your order. Call toll free at 1-866-374-5273 for the extended warranty.

Price: $259.95  


One Set (6 Buffing Pads) Hurricane Buffing Pads 10% Off Special Use Discount Code 5190231 Limited Time Only!!
The Hurrican Pads are made with the highes Ritculated German engineered foam designed like no other pad. Keeps the polish in front of the pad instead of seeping to the back which keeps the polish from going onto the painted surface. Longest lasting pad available anywhere in the World. We guarantee these pads will wear better , and last way longer than any pad you have ever used! All pads are numbered to show you which pad goes with which product. Buy the full set and save !

Price: $128.95  


Glare Hurricane 10 Inch Cordless Electric Buffer! Very Well Made! Special Get 10% Off Special Includes a Free 16 oz. Bottle of Glare Rapid Action. Use Discount Code 519032 Limited Time Only!
Hurrican Cordless single speed Orbital 10 inch Buffer. This is by far the worlds most advanced high quality cordless buffer ever made. Heavy duty, even with the most pressure the buffer just keeps going. Comes with a free Bottle of Glare Rapid Action. Just fill the buffer reservoir with Glare Rapid Action suppled with Buffer. Then simply push a button and the Glare Rapid Action sprayes out electrically . No mess no fuss. No need to hold any bottles while polishing. Fast N Easy and very easy to use! Comes with one 10 inch Micro-Fiber Terry Cloth Bonnet for Polishing, Battery, Charger,Free Bottle of our Glare Rapid Action and instructions booklet! Comes with a 90 Day Warranty. Extended 2 year warranty available . Just call our Toll free number and we would be happy to assist you. No Refunds Accpeted. 90 Day full Warranty. 

Price: $129.90  


Moto-Glare 4 Inch Cordless Buffer. Special Get 10% Off Special Use Discount Code 5190233 Limited Time Only!
This buffing machine is a beautiful 4 inch, single speed, dual-action, orbital, cordless, rechargeable, electric buffer. Designed with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind. Also perfect for other hard to reach areas, as well as headlight repair. Comes with rechargeable Nicad Battery, Charger, a complete set of our 4 inch foam Moto-GLARE buffing pads for all paint conditions, one 4 inch micro-fiber bonnet, and two 2000 Grit Sandpaper discs, and instructions. For a limited time we are including one 12oz bottle of GLARE Plus Pro Polish FREE. A retail value of $34.95 included free of charge.
No refunds accepted.. Limited 90 day warranty for repair or replacement only.

Price: $169.95  


NEW GLARE + Professional Polish Gallon Size (128 oz. Jug) Special Save $60.00 Off Regular Everyday Price of $329.95 PER Gallon! Limited Time Only $269.95 + FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED!! OUT SHINES, PROTECTS YOUR VEHICLE BEYOND ALL CERAMIC POLISHES
GLARE +PROFESSIONAL POLISH  Now with even more Glassplexin for more Protection, will make your vehicle’s paint shine so bright that you will literally need sunglasses to look at it during the day, and it will look luminescent under artificial light at night. This product provides the highest shine available with a three dimensional depth of gloss not achievable with any other product. This is brand new technology in paint appearance and protection. GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH is a non-stick, high gloss, all-weather, temperature- flexible sealant containing a new type of proprietary chemical formulation called Glassplexin. GLARE was developed by on- staff chemists who have over 150 years of paint-specific chemical experience combined. GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH represents the very latest in paint appearance and protection technology. It contains no waxes, polymers, or resins because those type of ingredients and chemicals have very low melting points, do not filter out UV rays, and do not hold up to regular washing. GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH will bond to your vehicle’s paint through a covalent chemical bond which is not possible with any other product currently available in the world’s market. The chemical reaction that occurs between GLARE and the paint literally transforms the chemical structure of the vehicle’s paint to now share the properties of both the original paint and glass. Micro scratches, swirls, and oxidation are all removed permanently. The end result is a newly created type of paint/glass hybrid “SUPER PAINT” that is harder and more resilient then before. The GLARE treated paint has a much higher surface tension and causes water to sheet off instead of beading. The newly chemically altered paint now has the ability to filter out over 98% of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays, the ability to block out air oxidation and corrosion, the ability to expand and contract with temperature variances up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit and down to negative 250 degrees Fahrenheit without cracking fading or peeling, will hold up to regular washing, and will block damage from everyday environmental contaminants that always seem to find their way onto your vehicle. Bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap will not stick to paint treated with GLARE. Also, GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH creates a paint surface so smooth and slick that the Air-Drag Coefficient of your vehicle will be significantly reduced, actually making your vehicle more aerodynamic. GLARE provides all of these benefits while producing the highest three dimensional depth of gloss never before achievable, and this is why GLARE is not only used by individual enthusiasts and collectors, but also by vintage car and motorcycle museums and the world’s most famous professional custom car and motorcycle painters in the industry. This is the absolute finest gloss enhancing polish/sealant currently available in the world’s market for your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat, yacht, personal watercraft, R/V, motorhome, trailer, or aircraft. Never apply carnauba wax, or polymer synthetic wax, on top of your final GLARE coat as this will adversely affect the chemical bonding process with the paint and will cause the shine to go down. There is no need to top GLARE with anything else because GLARE provides the highest shine of any other product available. This should always be the final step in any application. GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH has been developed to be able to work on a wide variety of car, motorcycle, boat, and aircraft specific paints including Acrylic Enamels, Urethanes, Polyurethane and Polyurethane Clearcoats, and epoxy or polyester resin Gelcoats. GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH has been tested and approved by BOEING for use on PPG Aircraft Paint. Glare can be used on Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Glass, Plexiglass, Plastic, Chrome, Aluminum, and all metal alloys. GLARE is also excellent for exhaust pipes, wheels and rims, headlights and brake lenses, helmets, visors, goggles, eyeglasses and sunglasses, household appliances, marble, tile, porcelain, finished wood, brass, silverware, gold, jewelry, windows, mirrors, crystal, sporting goods, golf clubs, skiing equipment, water sports equipment, musical instruments, and repairs CD’s and DVD’s. As you can see, GLARE does not need to be stowed away in the garage after you’re done treating your car or bike. It can be used around the house and on almost anything and everything that you own. If you think your paint looks good now, just wait until you see it after it has been GLARE’D. You’ll be seeing your vehicle’s paint in true HD for the first time in your life! GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH. Beyond wet…

Price: $269.95  


Our GLARE GRAND PRIX KIT is the most advanced professional detailing kit available on the market today. With our proprietary GLASSPLEXIN formulation not available in any other brand of polishes, waxes, sealants, or coatings, you can have the confidence that you are using the absolute highest quality most advanced cutting edge technology available. This is not your buddy's overpriced under-performing “ceramic coating." GLASSPLEXIN is not a polymer or an acrylic.
GLARE does not contain any waxes or silicone. GLARE is an ultra-high gloss penetrating sealant with GLASSPLEXIN, which is a negatively charged silicate ionic compound that has chemical reactivity with paint and clear-coat. GLARE is light years beyond “ceramic coatings.” The extreme depth of gloss, UV protection, oxidation prevention, scratch resistant, and contamination repelling properties of GLARE cannot be matched by any other product. Because GLARE bonds to your vehicle’s paint via a covalent chemical bond (the strongest of all chemical bonds), it becomes part of the paint and/or clear-coat at the molecular level without ever melting off or washing away. This means your paint/clear-coat can still “breathe” and the GLARE can expand as well as contract with your paint through a wide spectrum of temperature fluctuations without ever cracking or peeling off. This is not true for other products, “ceramic” coatings included. GLARE sheets water because of its super high surface tension and can be used to treat your windshield as a water repellent. 

GLARE also makes deicing very easy as nothing sticks to a GLARE treated surface. GLARE is the absolute best product available for Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Motorcycles, ATV’s, Snowmobiles, RV’s, Motor-Homes, Trailers, Boats, Watercraft, Aircraft (Boeing tested and approved), Solar Panels, restoring old headlights, Musical Instruments, Jewelry, Sporting Goods (skis, golf clubs), and Home Appliances. GLARE can be used on a wide variety of materials besides painted surfaces including but not limited to, Glass, Plexiglass, Plastic, Fiberglass, Carbon-Graphite, Epoxy Gel-Coat, Aluminum, Stainless Steal, Chrome, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass, Copper, Nickel,  Eyeglasses, Goggles, Visors, Helmets, Marble, Granite, Corian, and Finished Wood. The GLARE GRAND PRIX KIT is the kit to own if you want everything you will ever need for your vehicle’s finish and more. Includes one 12oz bottle of GLARE LIQUI-CLAY, one 12oz bottle of GLARE KNOCK-OUT Compound, one 12oz bottle of GLARE MICRO-FINISH, one 12oz bottle of GLARE SPIDER, one 12oz bottle of GLARE Professional Polish, one 12oz bottle of GLARE VINYL/LEATHER, one 12oz bottle of GLARE ULTRA WASH, one 16oz spray bottle of GLARE RAPID ACTION, one 16oz spray bottle of GLARE TIRE MAGIC, and one 16oz spray bottle of GLARE TURBO ACTION WHEEL CLEANER. 
Purchased separately, all these  products would sell for a total of $270.50 
When bundled together the price of this kit is $199.99
That’s a savings of over 25% 
For Labor Day 2023 we are also including a free 16oz spray bottle of our world famous GLARE SAHARA quick detailer, an additional savings of $29.95 as our free gift to you, but that’s not all…
We are also going to give you a special anniversary edition GLARE Detailers Bag. This exclusive durable Detailers Bag comes in red and black GLARE livery with an adjustable strap, pockets to hold up to 14 individual 12oz or 16oz bottles, and enough room in the middle to store a dozen microfiber cloths a chamois and a buffing machine and pads. A second free gift valued at $49.95
This is an absolutely beautiful kit at an awesome discount with a savings totaling $150.41
All this for $199.99 plus shipping

Price: $199.95