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Can GLARE increase the value of your vehicle? ABSOLUTELY!!
Australian soccer champion loves GLARE!
  Global Air posts a follow up to their earlier article. Amazing!  
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Look at what our distributor Down Under says about us!!
Triumph Motorcycles loves us! 

Global Air: The Aviation Industry is catching on, and they love us!!
This is an amazing testimonial with before and after pictures from a friend in Florida 

I have been a regular customer for several years... Everyone in my condo complex knows my little Nissan Micra. They are in awe that for 3 years it still has a showroom shine!!!!

Keyop Jinpei,

I love this stuff!! Have been using it for 4 years and it is everything they say it is!

Jim Mattingly,
Former Database and Systems Instructor at United States Air Force
Hello Glare and chief chemist Perry,

I bought your product around seven years ago and had a local detail shop apply the different cleaners and polish's to my Altima, a red Nissan color with light sparkles in the paint. The statement was that the Glare products would last five years before needing a re-application. Seven years later and the Altima looks as nice as the day it was detailed. I don't baby the car, it's a daily driver in Ohio, a state which uses salt on its winter roads. I wash the car a few times through the year and am always pleased how good the appearance of the paint is once dry. I would recommend any one considering a long term paint protectant to look at the 'Glare' line of cleaners and polishes, Going two years beyond the original five is testimony in itself. I can't say any more to how good I think this product is.

Noel Mintern,
July 06, 2023
Dear Perry,

I had another update on Glare+ polish line. I decided to try out the GLARE+ polish on my red 57 Tbird. I used that GLARE ZERO polish compound to give the car a clean base to work from. I had three trouble spots on the car that I thought would need to be painted by a body shop. No other polishes would fix these trouble areas EXCEPT GLARE+ polish. I decided to work on these trouble spots & to my surprise I fixed them!

It took a lot of time because I did this by hand because of location of problem areas. I was afraid to get buffer in these areas. I also used the GLARE ZERO on the roof of the Bird & it was as smooth as glass. This car has already won many Best of Show awards so I started out with a good car. The top of roof had some bad marks that came out also. After using the GLARE Zero compound I then went to the GLARE Spider web removal polish. The car had a much smother look & was also shinier & much deeper look. I can only imagine what it will look like outside in the spring.I still have two steps with Glare Micro-Finish Polish & the GLARE+ Pro Polish.

This should be very interesting. I just pulled products off of my shelf to throw out. This includes Turtle Wax, Griots Garage, DuPont #7, Meguairs Extreme Shine, Liquid Tech Finish First,and Ceramic Polishes. These products are going right in the trash can. I am giving my Meguairs Detailer Shine to a friend that uses Meguairs. I estimate that these trouble areas would have cost me around $4,000.00 to repair at a body shop. Not a bad trade off for a few dollars of polish & my time. My wife will never again need to ask what type of polish I bought at a car show.

James R. Decker,
February 01, 2023

SaharaPerry -

WOW ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! That's all I can say about SAHARA. 

I had exclusively used "Ultra Mist" for over 10 years and found none better for car detailing............... ....................until I opened the bottle of Sahara. 

I tried it on a test spot and before it was all over, I had done the entire car in all of about 20 minutes and the Ultra Mist is in the trash. The car looks a shade or two deeper but the biggest difference was the reflective shine and "wet look". This is the perfect detailing product ............................ without question. You've created another outstanding, super performing, product. 

Better send me a couple of bottles. This first bottle will never last the season. 

I have a couple of questions. First, can you use Sahara in hot (but not in the direct sun) weather? Is there any interaction between Sahara and Glare Polish? Is there a drying or set up time? I'm assuming this is like the polish that dries rock hard. 

We're coming up on 2 big shows (Madison, IN and Branson, MO). The competition doesn't stand a chance. Honestly Perry, this is a marvelous product. I will use it the rest of the season and then give you my thoughts on its performance after a season of testing (provided I can buy a couple of bottles as to NEVER RUN OUT ! ! ! ! !). 

Being without Sahara is like being in the desert without water. Thanks for the cap, the bucket (marvelous product idea) , the mysterious black buffing cloth (Rates an A+ over Meguiars A- in micro towels), the stickers and the brochures. I will most definately need more brochures. Feel free to use all, or part, of this testimonial for advertising purposes. 

You've 2 of THE VERY BEST products on the market. I know the competition is tough but seeing is believing. So how do we get this to market? While I don't have any idea as to your mix (commercial vs. private) of business, your product line is simply the best (Meguiar's, Mothers, ad nauseum). I will Corvette Fenderdo whatever is necessary to promote GLARE in my area. 

Sorry for the rambling but when I use something that does what it says it will, I'm 110% behind it. 

Please don't forget to send me 2 bottles and a bill. Take care and relay my thanks to the crew and those responsible for getting the Sahara up and running. 

Best personal regards,


As some of you may recall, I had the '05 Q45 which I purchased in January 2007 detailed by "European Detail Specialists" in Phoenix. When I got it, it had a lot of those fine scratches from the car washes the PO used. The detailer got most of them out, but not all, as some were just too deep into the clear coat. Now, it looks much better than when I bought it, and has stayed that way. I elected to pay extra to have it finished with a product called "Glare" instead of Carnauba wax. I was a little skeptical at the time, but Rick (Rich?) at the detail place assured me that it would last at least 2 years, and is far better than wax. So I took a chance.

I'm glad I did. I don't usually believe in extreme claims, but so far at least, in this case, it proved to be true. The detail was done last June, and so far, the "Glare" finish is still working great. I have driven in the rain, and when I got home, there was practically none of that accumulated dirt from driving in puddles and getting sprayed by other cars. Except for a small amount of dirt on the rocker panels, the car was clean the next day. Apparently, the rain kept rinsing the dirt off the car as I drove. I couldn't believe it.

A few days ago, it rained heavily around my house. I thought I was okay because I didn't take the car out, but when I opened the garage door to let my wife bring her car into the garage, apparently, the rusty and dirty water from the garage door dripped all over the hood of my car. I didn't notice it until the next day, when it had dried, leaving large rusty spots all over my hood, front fenders, and bumper. I freaked out, figuring the rust had stained my beautiful pearl white paint. I dusted the car with my "California Duster" (purchased from European Detail Specialists), then wiped down the hood with a wet terrycloth towel and dried it with microfiber cloths. I was amazed! The rust spots came right off, and there's no trace of them anywhere. What a relief!

I don't usually tout products, except maybe for Infiniti’s, but this stuff is phenomenal. Since the detailer applied it, I don't know how much effort goes into putting it on, but it sure works. It may require a buffer. I heartily recommend it for anyone who wants their Q45 to look like new and stay that way for a long time without re-doing it periodically.

If you'd like to check it out, here's their web site: http://www.glare.com/

Yes, lots of claims, like every other car finish, but in this case, the claims are true. I swear by it. Don't ask me which of the products listed they used, but I suspect it's the regular "Glare" polish. It works.

FWIW, the "California Duster" works too. It removes accumulated dust from the car without leaving scratches. I dust my car with it about once a week, and can go for a month without washing the car, and it always looks clean and freshly washed.

Between "Glare" and the "California Duster", I don't have to spend hours keeping my Q45 looking like new, and only have to wash it once a month.

I sure like that!

Anyone living in the Phoenix area, I can also heartily recommend "European Detail Specialists". I got their name from another member here whose boss paid to have his engine compartment detailed by them, and went there, after finding out they do the cars for the Barrett-Jackson auction. They are expensive, but worth every penny. Cost me around $375 for a complete detail in and out, buff the overspray from when I had a new front bumper cover put on and painted at the dealer as well as the car wash scratches, and apply the "Glare" finish. Best money I ever spent. And no, I have no connection whatsoever with either the detailer, "Glare", or "California Duster" except as a customer, and a happy and satisfied one at that.


Glare CupPerry:

After the show in Madison, IN over the Memorial Day weekend, my head was too large to fit my hat and my excitement obvious to all. 

There were a total of 1,034 cars,trucks. rods and customs present at one of the largest auto shows in Indiana. Of the 1034, 205 were Vettes of all ages and classes. But after the dust settled, there was only one at the top of the entry list. If you guessed a little blue '01 Vette from Whiteland, IN you guessed correct;ly. 

The "Rapsody" was awarded 'BEST OF CLASS" & ( to my complete dismay) "BEST IN SH0W" ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Out of 1.034 entries, Rapsody Reined Supreme ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

After the awards ceremony, I asked several of the judges what were the strong points of my car. Without hesitation, 100% of the judges ruled the finish the outstanding quality which helped emphasize the rest of the car's attributes.GLARE STOLE THE SHOW - no doubt about it. 

I had some photos taken with the Govenor and will pass those along to you in a week of so. I can state without question. This, without a doubt, my biggest thrill of 14 years of car showing. I owe it all toGlare

Thank you and those who make the best polish in the world. 

Please pass my thanks on to the crew in the manufacturing room. 

Best personal regards,


P.S. - I'm almost out of Sahara. Would it be possible to ship a couple of bottles before the end of the week? We're off to Branson, MO week after next. I wouldn't dare go without a supply ofSahara. 

Again Perry, all of this would not have been possible without you and your terrific product and for that. 

"Thank you from the bottom of mty heart"


Glare CupGlare CupPerry -


It was a long haul (1200 miles one way with 105 degree heat), but we made it and I still can't believe we beat the best of the best of the entire Southwest. 

1295 cars from every state in the union except Maine and Connecticut. They were broken down into manufacturer classes (Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler - no foreign manufacturers. Then each Manufacturer's Class was broken down into Stock and Modified (all together with no year). It didn't make any difference whether you had a 1967 Camero or a new 2007 Z06 Corvette. 

Judging was done by a team of 4 who were very good, thorough but you didn't talk to them while they were judging. If you interrupted them, you lost a point in judging. The judging was Concourse Style (white glove and mirrors). My car judged out at 99.4 out of a possible 100 points. 

I can't thank you enough for such a tremendous product. I must have talked to 50-60 people who wanted to know how many coats of clear I had on the car. When I told them none and it was the product I used to polish the car, they couldn't believe it. I took some photos but as always at an important event, the camera malfunctions or the operator freezes. I'll send you what came out. 

SaharaWon a Rolex watch and the trophy we had to take apart to make it fit in the trailer. 

What a 4 days. 

So now we're off for 3 weeks and then start on the Indiana and 5 surrounding state shows. 

Please make sure you tell the gang in the back room about our victory and I will send photos when they are available. 

I can't thank you enough. The coming of GLARE in my auto world has made the difference between having a "nice car" to a "hey Dad, look here, at this blue Vette. What a shine!" I will now float down to the world of Monday morning reality. 

Bless you...............and the crew in the back room. 

BEST Regards - DON

Granatelli Racing, GLARE, and Indy


Tim is a professional Classic Car Painter. World renowned!
Proud to use the Best Polish in the World Glare!!!

Eric's Auto Body & Frame
221 East Brundage Lane
Bakersfield, California 93307

Phone number: 1-661-869-0167

Company E-Email: ericsautobodyandframe@gmail.com

This 62 Chevy was a Glared Classic as seen on "Low Rider Magazine"


Dear Ultra 2000 Manufacturing International Co. Inc. (Glare):

I have used every product on the market. I have spent about $800 to $900 on all kinds of different brands of car detail products including: Wizards, Auto Glym, Eagle One, Mothers, 3M, Meguiars, Zano, Cillaget, and Dupont. None of these products I purchased from any of these brands compared to the results I got from Glare!

After seeing the amazing results I achieved by using Glare, I decided to give away all of the other products I had purchased to a friend of mine that works in another shop. The very next day, I ran into my friend at a local store. He saw my truck and could not believe how great it looked! He asked me what products I had used on my truck to achieve such a fantastic finish. I told him Glare products. To my surprise, my friend showed up at my shop the next day with all of the detailing products I had given him earlier in the week. He said he was only using Glare products in his shop from then on!! My boss has made it clear that the only products that are allowed in his shop are Glare products after seeing the amazing results I had on my personal truck. Glare products are the best!

After using Glare on my truck, I decided to try these wonderful products on one of our customer’s vehicles. This vehicle was then transported from South Carolina to Florida. The customer called me and asked what kind of polish I had used on the car. I told him Glare. He was blown away at the flawless finish I had achieved! He told me he had never seen a set of detail products that kept pollen and dust out of the finish and completely eliminates water spots. Water just sheets off of the finish!

To anyone who may be hesitant to purchase Glare products let me say this… You will not be disappointed! I have been doing custom paint work for 16 years, on my personal vehicles as well as our customer’s vehicles. I have never had this great of results on any of my work in those 16 years! I will NEVER go back to any of the other products!

My wife and I have used Glare on glass, tile, chrome, and silver and we get the same perfect results every single time! Thank you for a great product and service. You all are the best!!!

Thanks a Million!!!!
John and Kimberly Cranmer

Sorry no before and after pics but here's the story...

Saturday I noticed that the right hand side of the wifes car (it's a red Solara) had horizontal scratches all the way down the side. It looked like she had either been keyed many times or actually more like she parked and scraped next to some bushes. They were about 3-4 inches wide from the rear of the front fender all along the door and down on the back panel.

I went in the house and asked her what happened to her car and she had no idea. I went back outside grabbed the PC, a Lake Country 5.5" orange flat pad, some Glare polish and went to work. She came out in about five minutes to look at the damage and by that time all the scratches were all completely GONE!

What I really like about this stuff is that it's not a temporary glaze/filler that washes off after the first rain. I truly bonds and becomes IMHO a permanent paint surface correction.

Hmmmm...add product to correct paint rather than polishing away clear coat to level the paint....what a concept.

Detailing terms for compound, polish, sealant etc. are not industry consistent.

One school of thought when using Glare Pro Polish is...
You need to polish your paint (compound) before using Glare Pro.
In some cases this is using a DA with M105/M205/Menz PO85 type combo
Reason: Remove all the swirls and fine scratches before applying Glare Pro

Another school of thought when using Glare Pro Polish is...
Let the Glare Pro product completely fill the swirls and they will stay gone.
IMHO This really depends on the amount of the paint correction needed.

My thoughts...
I would DA polish the paint first then apply Glare Pro

Glare is a unique product: 
Your first application (on clean paint) is applied like a compound.

Glare Polish is rubbed into the paint like a compound until it completely disappears.
This causes Glare Pro to bond to the vehicles paint through a covalent chemical bond
This also IMHO permanently fills and hides imperfections in the paint (swirls etc.)
Repeat if needed.

Glare Polish is applied like you would a wax or sealant. 
Let haze (to the swipe test) and lightly buff to remove.
Remove with a high quality MF towel or 100% USA cotton.

This is the process they recommend when using their product.
I have used this process and have had excellent results.

For protection, durability, longevity and correcting scratches and swirls it truly excels.
Although Glare is very good for what it is, it is not IMHO the shiniest LSP on the market.

I have corrected "spots" and then used a different LSP product to seal the entire truck.
I have used Glare as a "spot" correction product to permanently fill and hide scratches.
I have done complete dawn washes and all the "spots" corrected with Glare are still gone.
I have been using Glare Pro for many years and it has a special place in my detailing arsenal.



To whom it may concern,

I was introduced to your Glare Professional Polish car care line earlier this summer by my good friend Lanson Saizon down at 2020 auto detailing here in Hawai'i. I decided to take his word for it and go down to have him try out your product on my new 2005 Toyota Tundra. The results were fantastic! I have been personally detailing my own vehicles for about two years now and have been using Meguiar's with good results UNTIL you came along! I am extremely picky and have an eye for detail when it comes to making my car looking its best and with your product I was truly amazed. Since the paint has a metallic base, I was still able to clearly see my face shine through which is what I have been trying to do for a long time.

I am happy to see how easy it is to apply even with the first application, and how you can even use it on glass. I used your Spider and Knock Out to remove some scuff marks, and was astonished to see an unexpected darkening of my paint making it appear more rich and bolder looking, while filling in the scratches and removing those dreaded swirl marks. With our weather here in Hawai'i being mostly coastal and sunny, salt and dirt debris often embed themselves into our paint, yet with your product that's a thing of the past.

I absolutely can't say enough about this product, and like my buddies down at 2020 auto detailing, I'm definitely standing behind Glare Professional Polish and car care products all the way 100%. As we say here in Hawai'i, /Mahalo nui loa: Thank you very much for producing such an easy yet effective product to make car care and detailing a much more enjoyable and easier hobby of mine.

With much Aloha,
Kaleo Chong

P.S- feel free to put this on your website for a testimonials, also I have enclosed photos of my ride with your product. Also, would it be possible by any chance to get some sort of sticker to sport on my truck from you folks?




To Glare:

As a Glare wash and polish customer, I thought you’d be interested in seeing some proof of your product claims.
These were taken after a Glare wash and polish with my Flex Tool XC
3401 VR and the new CCS, Gold Finishing Pads.

Glowing Feedback

Glowing Feedback Van Nuys Cycle, Inc.
[Harley Davidson]
Douglas Aviation Zebra Air - Dallas based helicopters


LAPD Air Support Div. Guaranty Chevrolet 
[Auto Dealership]
Dollar General Corp.
[Car Afficionado]
Hormel Foods Corp. Office Specialized Street Rods From our Web
Feedback page
Another one from the tropical paradise. Jet Stream Aviation
Products vouch for GLARE!!
[Awesome Review]
Nice E-Mail from a Fan
Jones Air, LLC Triumph Motorcycles loves us!    


Corvette Forum has something to say about our products....


GLARE Spider Strikes in Cotati, California!
Watch the latest here...


Cracker Barrel Professional detailers love our products From the pros at 2020 Detailing in Hawaii . Parts Xpress
[Auto Parts]

Glare polish is without a doubt the best car wax I have ever used.  Since I bought my most recent car in summer of this year, I have used five other high-quality polishes/waxes on it, (Wemol, Zymol, Nu-Finish, Meguire's Tech Wax, and something by Turtle Wax) and while all of them gave at minimum a clean luster, I was never able to tell a difference in a side-by-side comparison.  When I used Glare polish for the first time, not only was I able to tell a difference in a side-by-side comparison - I could tell that it was outstanding even during the application.  I was most amazed because I had been using Meguire's Tech Wax which I considered to be the best, but I was definitely proved wrong not just by the finish your polish gave, but by how extremely easy it was to buff out and its ability to hold up against being parked outdoors 24/7.  Your polish is unmatched and I hope you have a lot of success in the future!

- Doug T., Livonia, MI

Attention: Vijay Parthab

Vijay I thought I would send this quick email after my visit to you for the top up on my black Subaru. When the Glare Polish was first applied I was both shocked and delighted that my new car (including all the factory Subaru imperfections) could look so much better then the day I picked it up from the dealer. Since that day I have had multiple people stop me, including the
service manager at Subaru and ask me what polish I use on my car. When I tell them I haven't polished the car since the day I bought it, the most common reply is you're kidding mate. That is when I tell them about the Glare product and your business. I can say with no hesitation that theGlare Polish is a great product but is only half the equation in my book, as I could honestly say that you would have to be one of the most professional and honest businessman I have ever had the joy to deal with. When it comes to preparing and applying the Glare Product you work like a surgeon and are so passionate about your work and it shows in the final product which is a black Subaru with a truly mirror like finish. I have also become one of those fastidious car owners that look at friends cars and pick their paint work to pieces, which doesn't always make them that happy but I tell them
that with a visit to you they too can have a gleaming car. I hope this email doesn't sound like one of those American info commercials but I can honestly say that this is the way I feel.

Kind Regards,
Paul Bulmer.



Thank you for your phone service and patience in helping us use the GLARE products correctly. As you may know, we have been persistent in trying to prove that this product is what it is meant to be.

First of all I will state that we are only amateurs, but have used the Glareproducts on our late model silver Toyota Prado, a white 1995 Toyota Hilux and a 1997 grey Nissan Pulsar. I have had others comment on how nice our vehicles have looked, but this next job was a real test of the glare products. In the last week or so, we have had the challenge to remove bad scratches from a friends late model white Commodore. The scratches were excessive, in fact probably a very rare instance where it seemed like someone had sanded the whole area of hood, boot and rear spoiler with medium sand paper – not something we expect to happen. The scratches were deep, very noticeable and widespread across the full areas stated. It was a very disappointing sight for the owner to find that a neighbor had done this to his car approximately 2 months before. I had shaken my head upon seeing this vehicle and called Paint Protection Direct for assistance to see if their products could achieve a desired result. We tried Vjay’s instructions to a small section for 15 minutes to no avail. I called again and you were very confident if we followed your instructions, and used pressure on our low 500 rpm buffer (which we hadn’t done on the first attempt) -that we would remove all the scratches, taking no layers of paint off with your (cut and polish like product –) GLARE KNOCK OUT. We used buffing machine and applied knockout several times per areas done for the deep scratches to be removed, but note that no paint layers were removed. If we had a more high powered buffer maybe the job would have been achieved quicker, but all scratches have been removed in about a day and half to the whole vehicle. There is one very happy owner who now has his car looking like new again. It is really an amazing product – the 23 yr old young man who is the owner of the white Commodore shared his joys over the phone with his father who has been very particular with polishing and keeping his own cars immaculate over the years, but he was a little dubious of the thought that a cut and polish like product would not take the paint off. They were going to go to a professional paint shop and probably pay $500 or more for the removal of the severe scratches and probably remove layers of paint as well, but instead “Glare Knockout” has done the spectacular job for less than $50 and a day or so of laboring with a buffing machine. I have personally seen the before and after of this vehicle and assisted in the removal of scratches and polishing. The removal of these scratches with Glare Knockout has convinced me totally that this product is amazing, and too the results and comments from others I’ve had about the vehicles we have applied the Professional Glare Polish previously. 

Don’t just purchase the Glare Products and give up,- practice, persist, talk and seek advice from the team at Paint Protection Direct and you will achieve amazing results in a very short time without taking ANY layers of paint off your vehicle. We will from now on always use Glare products on our vehicles and share Glare product results with as many as we can. 

You know, it is a known fact that salesman only often tell what they want to tell, but I can honestly say that everything Vjay and his wife have shared about the capability of the glare products is all true and absolutely correct. They know their product and can confidently and honestly state the facts and capabilities to whoever enquires of the Glare Products. This is a product that proves that the information available on the website is exactly true of what it does. If more panel beaters, paint repairers and car enthusiasts knew the capabilities of this product they would be amazed. It's a product that when you try to share with others how good it is, it nearly sounds like "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE", BUT the fact is "IT'S SO GOOD AND IT'S SO TRUE". 

Mrs Sandy Courtice
Glenmorgan. Queensland.



I had my car (Audi A4 1998) waxed in a cosmetic shop about 5 years ago. I sure was impressed with the results! But what is even better is that it lasted until then. It is still shiny and water still pearls on it. I am so satisfied that I want to have it done once more just so the paint keeps looking nice and brilliant. Because you know how Audi owners are proud of their cars hey!

Roger Demers
12 Rue de Camarat
Gatineau, QC

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Ici et Maintenant

I just wanted to tell you how impressed my husband was with the results of you GLARE Winners Kit. He applied all the applications and while I am the polish fanatic, all he kept saying was how easy everything went on and raved about the results of each coat. He was floored when the last coat of GLARE went on.

Here in Florida, where the love bugs swarm and the sun just bakes them in, the ease of cleaning off anything you encounter on the road is just short of miraculous. Nothing sticks!

I look forward to getting my next order of GLARE Tire and Trim, and Leather products. WE are believers!

Francine DiGregorio