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NEW GLARE®  PLUS +PROFESSIONAL POLISH will make your vehicle’s paint shine
so bright that you will literally need sunglasses to look at it during the day, and it will look luminescent under artificial light at night. This product provides the highest shine available with a three dimensional depth of gloss not achievable with any other products.This is brand new technology in paint appearance and protection. Glassplexin is the most advanced ingredient on the market. Above and Beyond All Ceramic Coatings, and Polishes  Now with more Glassplexin. means more Protection! Even can be applied to your Mirrors and Windows. 

NEW GLARE®  PLUS +PROFESSIONAL POLISH is a non-stick, high gloss, all-weather, temperature- flexible sealant containing a new type of proprietary chemical formulation called Glassplexin. GLARE® was developed by on- staff chemists who have over 100 years of paint-specific chemical experience combined. GLARE® PROFESSIONAL POLISH represents the very latest in paint appearance and protection technology. It contains no waxes, polymers, or resins because those type of ingredients and chemicals in other products have very low melting points and do not filter out UV rays, and do not hold up to regular washing like GLARE®

GLARE®plus + PROFESSIONAL POLISH will bond to your vehicle’s paint through a covalent chemical bond which is not possible with any other product currently available in the world’s market. The chemical reaction that occurs between GLARE® and the paint literally transforms the chemical structure of the vehicle’s paint and now shares the properties of both the original paint and glass. Micro scratches, swirls, and oxidation are all removed permanently. The end result is a newly created type of paint/glass hybrid “SUPER PAINT” that is harder and more resilient then before.

The GLARE®Plus + treated paint has a much higher surface tension and causes water to sheet off instead of beading. The newly chemically altered paint now has the ability to filter out over 98% of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays, the ability to block out air oxidation and corrosion, the ability to expand and contract with temperature variances up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit and down to negative 250 degrees Fahrenheit without cracking fading or peeling, will hold up to regular washing, and will block damage from everyday environmental contaminants that always seem to find their way onto your vehicle. Bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap will not stick to paint treated with GLARE® Plus+. Also, GLARE®Plus + PROFESSIONAL POLISH creates a paint surface so smooth and slick that the Air-Drag Coefficient of your vehicle will be significantly reduced, actually making your vehicle more aerodynamic.

GLARE®Plus + provides all of these benefits while producing the highest three dimensional depth of gloss never before achievable, and this is why GLARE® Plus + is not only used by individual enthusiasts and collectors, but also by vintage car and motorcycle museums and the world’s most famous professional custom car and motorcycle painters in the industry. This is the absolute finest gloss enhancing polish/sealant currently available in the world’s market for your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat, yacht, personal watercraft, R/V, motorhome, trailer, or aircraft. Never apply carnauba wax, or polymer synthetic wax, on top of your final GLARE® Plus + coat as this will adversely affect the chemical bonding process with the paint and will cause the shine to go down. There is no need to top GLARE® Plus + with anything else because GLARE® provides the highest shine of any other product available. This should always be the final step in any application.

GLARE® PLUS + PROFESSIONAL POLISH has been developed to be able to work on a wide variety of car, motorcycle, boat, and aircraft specific paints including Acrylic Enamels, Urethanes, Polyurethane and Polyurethane Clearcoats, and epoxy or polyester resin Gelcoats. GLARE® PLUS +PROFESSIONAL POLISH has been tested and approved by BOEING for use on PPG Aircraft Paint. Glare can be used on Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Glass, Plexiglass, Plastic, Chrome, Aluminum, and all metal alloys.

GLARE®  PLUS + is also excellent for exhaust pipes, wheels and rims, headlights and brake lenses, helmets, visors, goggles, eyeglasses and sunglasses, household appliances, marble, tile, porcelain, finished wood, brass, silverware, gold, jewelry, windows, mirrors, crystal, sporting goods, golf clubs, skiing equipment, water sports equipment, musical instruments, and repairs CD’s and DVD’s. As you can see, GLARE®  PLUS + does not need to be stowed away in the garage after you’re done treating your car or bike. It can be used around the house and on almost anything and everything that you own. If you think your paint looks good now, just wait until you see it after it has been GLARE’D. You’ll be seeing your vehicle’s paint in true HD for the first time in your life! GLARE®     PLUS + PROFESSIONAL POLISH. Beyond wet…


Wash Vehicle, and dry before use. Can be applied by hand with a Micro-Fiber Towel left to right or up and down in a linear fasion until most of the polish is gone into the paint. Take a clean Micro-Fiber towel and wipe off the excess. GLARE®  PLUS + is very concentrated and you do not need a lot of product .

May we suggest to get our  GLARE® Hurricane Micro-Fiber towels set of 4. These towels are manufactured to the highest standard and have Polymide rating of 30%. Other towels have only between 10%-20% Polymide. That is the Fiber in the cloth that make the diffrence in getting scratches out or not. Our Hurricane Micro-Fiber Towels have the highest Polymide rating to insure finest performance in polishing any surface!

*GLARE®  PLUS + can also be machine applied with an electric buffer with no issues!

Price: $34.95  


NEW TOP OF LINE GLARE DA Pro Polisher PROFESSIONAL GRADE. LIGHT WEIGHT - NEW 2024 Model Now Up Graded to 1200 Watts of Power - Variable Speed Solid State - Limited Time Special Pricing With a Free Bottle of our Glare+ Pro Polish - One Heavy duty Micro Fib
GLARE DA Pro Polisher is one of the finest state of the art,buffing machines in its class and size. Light weight. Very powerful. 1200 Watts of power. No comparison to other polishers in this class is the most powerful DA Buffer ever developed!amp;nbsp; Easy to expert, always professional results. No swirls, no buff marks due to the design of the buffing action of this machine.will get the look you want, a Dripping Wet Painted look on your Vehicle. Light Weight and easy to use, even if you never used an electric Buffer before, or your a Pro. This machine is a Beautiful Buffer that you will use for all your buffing,and;sanding needs. If you wish to purchase in addition the limited edition Custom GLARE Red Utility Red and Black Bag that holds your Buffer firmly along with the buffing Pads please check the box that says add bag, and the bag will be added to the total. The new Glare DA Pro Buffer is 1200 watts of power,(not 500 to 700 watts of power like the other buffers in market). Heavy duty all ball bearing electric motor.. Variable speeds Ranging from 2500 to 6000 orbits per min. Equivalent to 2,800 RPM. This is a Random High Speed Orbital Buffer. Will not burn paint.. Comes complete with a Center Handle as well. Also included is a Free Bottle of GLARE Pro Polish + One heavy duty GLARE Micro Fiber Towel No additonal charge. (BUFFING PADS SOLD SEPARATELY) YOU CAN PURCHASE THE BUFFING FOAM PADS ON OUR WEBSITE UNDER BUFFING PADS IN THE CATEGORY SECTION. BE SURE TO USE THE DROP DOWN MENUE and select the size 6 INCH.. Truly a Gorgeous and Durable Buffer You will be Proud to own. No refunds accepted. Repir or exhanges only. Comes with a 90 day limited warranty. *SPECIAL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Price: $329.95  


Glare Hurricane Variable High Speed Electric Buffer-FREE SHIPPING-Special Get 10% Off Get a Free Bottle of Glare Polish - Free with Purchase! Use Coupon Code 5190229 Limited Time Only!
Our Glare Hurricane Variable High Speed Electric Buffer is Beautifully Balanced with all Ball Bearing Construction and Helical Steel Gears. It is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry for both Professional and Amateur detailer. The Buffer caters to all users with its Right/Left Reversible side handle and the 7” Backplate is included at no charge. Another impressive benefit features Replaceable Electric Brushes that take 5 minutes or less to replace – from the OUTSIDE of the unit! Your Glare Hurricane Variable High Speed Electric Buffer has a 90 day warranty and comes packaged with an extra set of electrical brushes, heavy duty carrying case and instructions. No refunds accepted..90 day warranty for repair or replacement. Two Year Extended Warranty is available for only $59.95 when added to your order. Call toll free at 1-866-374-5273 for the extended warranty.

Price: $315.95  


GLARE Hurricane Grand Prix Kit - SUPER Special Get 10% Off Discount Code 5190230 Limited Time Only!! CONTAINS GLASSPLEXIN® PROTECTS AND OUT LASTS, OUT SHINES ALL CERAMIC POLISHES!
Everything a professional would need! The top of the line GLARE products and kits into one amazing professional bundle One Glare Hurricane Buffer One Grand Prix Premium Kit One Professional Detail Manual and Product Training DVD One of each of our Hurricane Buffing Pads (6 Pads in all) One 16oz. Sahara Wash and Detail Spray One 32oz bottle of ZERO Complete Buff-n-Dry Kit 23 AMAZING GLARE ITEMS!!!

Price: $898.00  


One Set (6 Buffing Pads) Hurricane Buffing Pads 10% Off Special Use Discount Code 5190231 Limited Time Only!!
The Hurrican Pads are made with the highes reticulated German engineered foam designed like no other pad. Keeps the polish in front of the pad instead of seeping to the back which keeps the polish from going onto the painted surface. Longest lasting pad available anywhere in the World. We guarantee these pads will wear better , and last way longer than any pad you have ever used! All pads are numbered to show you which pad goes with which product. Buy the full set and save !

Price: $124.95  


GLARE HURRICANE Knock Out Cutting Pad - Step 1
This pad is designed to be used with GLARE Knock Out Compound. The most aggressive pad in the Hurricane line. Removes the highest levels of oxidation and heavy scratches. This is the first step in repairing paint that is in poor condition.

Price: $24.95  


Micro-Finish Light Cutting Pad Step 2
This pad is designed to be used with GLARE Micro-Finish Compound. Removes moderate levels of oxidation and scratches. This is the first step in repairing paint that's in fair condition.

Price: $24.95  


Polishing Pad - Step 4
This pad is designed to be used with GLARE Pro Polish. Removes oxidaton while polishing at the same time.

Price: $24.95  


Professional Polish Finishing Pad - Step 5
This pad is designed to be used with GLARE Professional Polish. Delivers a penetrating infusion of Glassplexin Enriched GLARE Professional Polish. Ensures the right amount of friction and deep penetration for a proper Molecular Covalent Bonding of Glassplexin into the paint. This is the first step before finishing.

Price: $24.95  


MOTO-GLARE Foam BUFF PAD for MOTO-GLARE BUFFER 4 inch Cordless Electric Buffer unit.  6  buffing pads to a package. (Not sold Individually).

Price: $39.70  


This Pad is used for Polishing. For the Glare 4 inch Cordless Moto-Glare Electric Buffer unit. 6  buffing pads to a package. (Not sold Individually).

Price: $39.70  


Professional Polish Finishing Pad Step 4.5
Step 4.5

Price: $24.95  


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All Sales are final on Glare Buffing machines, buffing pads, and Micro-Fiber towels.
Factory warranty still applies where applicable.