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Grand Prix Paint Protection Kit This is the Kit for Hobbyist!!!
Our GLARE GRAND PRIX KIT is the most advanced professional detailing kit available on the market today. With our proprietary GLASSPLEXIN formulation not available in any other brand of polishes, waxes, sealants, or coatings, you can have the confidence that you are using the absolute highest quality most advanced cutting edge technology available. This is not your buddy's overpriced under-performing “ceramic coating." GLASSPLEXIN is not a polymer or an acrylic.

GLARE does not contain any waxes or silicone. GLARE is an ultra-high gloss penetrating sealant with GLASSPLEXIN, which is a negatively charged silicate ionic compound that has chemical reactivity with paint and clear-coat. GLARE is light years beyond “ceramic coatings.” The extreme depth of gloss, UV protection, oxidation prevention, scratch resistant, and contamination repelling properties of GLARE cannot be matched by any other product. Because GLARE bonds to your vehicle’s paint via a covalent chemical bond (the strongest of all chemical bonds), it becomes part of the paint and/or clear-coat at the molecular level without ever melting off or washing away. This means your paint/clear-coat can still “breathe” and the GLARE can expand as well as contract with your paint through a wide spectrum of temperature fluctuations without ever cracking or peeling off. This is not true for other products, “ceramic” coatings included. GLARE sheets water because of its super high surface tension and can be used to treat your windshield as a water repellent. 

GLARE also makes deicing very easy as nothing sticks to a GLARE treated surface. GLARE is the absolute best product available for Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Motorcycles, ATV’s, Snowmobiles, RV’s, Motor-Homes, Trailers, Boats, Watercraft, Aircraft (Boeing tested and approved), Solar Panels, restoring old headlights, Musical Instruments, Jewelry, Sporting Goods (skis, golf clubs), and Home Appliances. GLARE can be used on a wide variety of materials besides painted surfaces including but not limited to, Glass, Plexiglass, Plastic, Fiberglass, Carbon-Graphite, Epoxy Gel-Coat, Aluminum, Stainless Steal, Chrome, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass, Copper, Nickel,  Eyeglasses, Goggles, Visors, Helmets, Marble, Granite, Corian, and Finished Wood. The GLARE GRAND PRIX KIT is the kit to own if you want everything you will ever need for your vehicle’s finish and more. Includes one 12oz bottle of GLARE LIQUI-CLAY, one 12oz bottle of GLARE KNOCK-OUT Compound, one 12oz bottle of GLARE MICRO-FINISH, one 12oz bottle of GLARE SPIDER, one 12oz bottle of GLARE Professional Polish, one 12oz bottle of GLARE VINYL/LEATHER, one 12oz bottle of GLARE ULTRA WASH, one 16oz spray bottle of GLARE RAPID ACTION, one 16oz spray bottle of GLARE TIRE MAGIC, and one 16oz spray bottle of GLARE TURBO ACTION WHEEL CLEANER. 
Purchased separately, all these  products would sell for a total of $270.50 
When bundled together the price of this kit is $199.99
That’s a savings of over 25% 
For Christmas 2022 we are also including a free 16oz spray bottle of our world famous GLARE SAHARA quick detailer, an additional savings of $29.95 as our free gift to you, but that’s not all…
…We are also going to give you a special anniversary edition GLARE Detailers Bag. This exclusive durable Detailers Bag comes in red and black GLARE livery with an adjustable strap, pockets to hold up to 14 individual 12oz or 16oz bottles, and enough room in the middle to store a dozen microfiber cloths a chamois and a buffing machine and pads. A second free gift valued at $49.95
This is an absolutely beautiful kit at an awesome discount with a savings totaling $150.41
All this for $199.99 plus shipping
Holiday Blessings and Season’s Greetings to all of you from all of us here at GLARE.

Price: $199.99