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GLARE Sahara Wash and Detail Spray (12 Pack/16 oz. bottles)
Sahara Wash and Detail is the only safe solution to washing and detailing your vehicle as an express polish or after care product. This does not replace Glare Professional polish. This is a beautiful after care product when your vehicle gets very dirty and you want to clean and maintain the original deep beyond wet look shine you received using the Glare Professional Polish. Sahara Wash and Detail is a safe and effective wash and detail product rolled into one. This product is the perfect solution when water supply is limited. Do not confuse this product with Glare Rapid Action which has a 6 months lasting protection, and is not a wash. Safe on all exterior materials. The most revolutionary product of this kind on the market. Easy to use on all cars. Clear coat safe and recommended . This is the best spray polish you can buy. Great for use on motorcycles, glass, and polycarbonate as well.

Price: $323.46  


GLARE Sahara Refill (12 Pack/32 oz. bottles)
Run out of GLARE SAHARA SPRAY? Order a 32oz. refill 12 pack.

Price: $595.00  


GLARE Liqui-Clay (24 Pack/12 oz. bottles)
Smoothes and removes stubborn blemishes before polishing! Won't re scratch your paint like a regular Clay Bar. Fast and very easy to use. The MOST advanced claying system for your vehicle's finish ever developed! * Restores Color * Picks up Debris. Fallout, Insects, and Dirt Particles like a Magnet! * Smoothes paint like glass * Preps paint before polishing.

Price: $549.00  


GLARE Ultra Wash (24 Pack/12 oz. bottles)
The most advanced wash ever developed. A PH balanced concentrated wash. Safe for all paints and finishes including the new clear-coated paints. New technology that leaves your vehicle clean and glossy like no other vehicle wash can. Contains Glassplexin. [12 oz.]

Price: $258.12  


Glare Zero 12/32oz Bottles Per Case
GLAR Zerol Nothing Like it in on the Market! HEAT TRANSFERANCE MOLECULAR FUSION COMPOUND GLARE ZERO is the very latest in paint prep technology. Taking advantage of technological developments in new types of chemical agents, combined with a special Glassplexin formulation that is heat activated through High Speed Friction (We recommend using the all new GLARE HURRICANE HIGH SPEED BUFFER), GLARE ZERO molecularly fuses gaps and micro scrapes in paint and clear-coat caused by color-sanding and professional paint preparation that was never before possible until now. This very special chemical combination will initially transform the surface of the paint or clear-coat into a semi-liquid state with fluid movement when activated by heat causing friction, molecularly fusing the paint gaps into a truly flat, solid, and super smooth mirror like surface. This chemical reaction, which initially softens the paint, actually ends in hardening the paint surface into a much harder and more resilient type of “Ultra Paint.” The newly formed paint surface is super hard when finished and cured. The end result is a harder paint or clear-coat with a higher surface tension, and a higher depth of gloss and shine that is unmatched by any other compound in the industry. GLARE ZERO is the absolute beginning in creating the finest GLARE finish obtainable. This is a professional product that delivers better than professional results. GLARE ZERO exceeds body shop and custom paint shop standards, and ULTRA 2000 MFG INT’L INC is proud to introduce the very latest in buffing compound technology to you. GLARE ZERO is beyond 22nd Century technology. Before step 1 there’s ZERO.

Price: $1,445.00  


GLARE Micro Fiber Cloth 12 pack
The finest Micro Fiber Cloth money can buy! Made of the highest quality 30% polymide blend ULTRA-plush Micro Fiber Towels cloths. Will not cause scratches on your expensive vehicals paint A must for applying GLARE Polish Products. After use Just wash and tumble dry. Store in a Zip Lock Bag for ready to use again. Size  16 x 16 

Price: $60.00  


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