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Glare Micro Finish Gallon (128 oz. Jug ) Special Save $60.00 Off Regular Price! Limited Time Only INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!
GLARE MICRO-FINISH is a revolutionary micro compound developed with our exclusive Glassplexin formulation. GLARE MICRO-FINISH has the smallest and finest abrasive particles added to remove light to moderate levels of oxidation and micro scratches without scratching or harming the applied surface. Just like GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH, GLARE MICRO-FINISH does not contain any type of waxes, polymers or resins, and can be used on a variety of materials including paint, clear-coat, gel-coat, fiberglass, chrome, glass, carbon fiber, plexiglass, plastic, and all metal alloys. This is the absolute best product available for removing those annoying micro scratches you see in your vehicle’s paint, and also excellent for polishing up rims, wheels, and exhaust pipes too! This is not a cover up polymer wax product, but actually and permanently repairs micro scratches and oxidation through physics and chemistry. GLARE MICRO-FINISH is the most advanced micro compound ever developed.

Price: $269.95  


GLARE Ultra Wash Gallon Size (128 oz. Jug)
The most advanced wash ever developed. A PH balanced concentrated wash. Safe for all paints and finishes including the new clear-coated paints. New technology that leaves your vehicle clean and glossy like no other vehicle wash can. Contains Glasplexin ®.

Price: $110.00  


Glare Micro Fiber 4 Towel Set
The finest Micro Fiber Cloth money can buy! Made of the highest quality 30% polymide blend ULTRA-plush Micro Fiber cloths. Will not cause scratches on your expensive vehicals paint A must for applying GLARE Polish Products. After use Just wash and tumble dry. Store in a Zip Lock Bag for ready again! Size 16 x 16

Price: $17.95  


Glare Foldable 5 Gallon Bucket Special Discount Code 51902331 Limited Time Only!!
This Glare Bucket is made from the finest Fire-Hose material to give it longivity, and makes extremely sturdy. Will give you many years of use! Handle is made from the finest surgical stainless steel. Folds up in a zippered hat box. After use just fold up and up it your trunk of your car, or store in the garage. Once you use this bucket you will not want to use any other kind! Many uses: Car washing, Holding Golf Balls, Holds Ice for Drinks at the Beach, Fishing!! etc. You will find many more uses for our Glare Foldable 5 gallon Bucket! Makes a Great Unique Gift for anyone!

Price: $29.95  


GLARE Detail Manual Includes How To DVD! Spring Special Get A Free Bottle of Glare Ultra Wash!!! Limited Time Only!
GLARE is offering for the first time their Professional Detail Manual and Product Training DVD. It provides step by step instructions on how to get started and how to operate your own professional detail shop. The manual provide instructions and guidance on financial considerations, how to get customers, keys to customer satisfaction, and details that will ensure your business is a success. The DVD includes Step-by-Step training in each of our products. This set is also valuable for potential and current users and distributors of our products, since it provides intimate information about our products and their use and application. Both of these items would cost about $69.95 if you bought them separately, but we are offering both for $49.95 - Over a 20% discount. We will include on Bottle of our GLARE Ultra Wash Free!!!

Price: $49.95  


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