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GLARE Micro-Finish (24 Pack/12 oz. bottles)
GLARE MICRO-FINISH is a revolutionary micro compound developed with our exclusive Glassplexin formulation. GLARE MICRO-FINISH has the smallest and finest abrasive particles added to remove light to moderate levels of oxidation and micro scratches without scratching or harming the applied surface. Just like GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH, GLARE MICRO-FINISH does not contain any type of waxes, polymers or resins, and can be used on a variety of materials including paint, clear-coat, gel-coat, fiberglass, chrome, glass, carbon fiber, plexiglass, plastic, and all metal alloys. This is the absolute best product available for removing those annoying micro scratches you see in your vehicle’s paint, and also excellent for polishing up rims, wheels, and exhaust pipes too! This is not a cover up polymer wax product, but actually and permanently repairs micro scratches and oxidation through physics and chemistry. GLARE MICRO-FINISH is the most advanced micro compound ever developed.

Price: $754.92  


GLARE Spider (24 Pack/12 oz. bottles)
GLARE SPIDER with Glassplexin is the most advanced swirl removing product ever created. Utilizing a unique chemical process of ultra pure metal interlinked fusion to Glassplexin particles, GLARE SPIDER will physically and chemically remove circular swirls and the appearance of spider webs in the paint, including on black paint even when viewed in direct sunlight. GLARE SPIDER is not a cover up product, but a technologically advanced swirl removal solution that will permanently correct 99% of the swirls that appear in your paint which are caused by automated carwashes, hard water, dust, and dirt. Unlike other products that are sold as swirl remover products, GLARE SPIDER actually works and does exactly what the label says it will do. GLARE SPIDER will correct even the heaviest level of swirls and should always be followed with an application of GLARE MICRO-FINISH or GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH. GLARE SPIDER has been designed to also work excellently on plastic too!

Price: $754.92  


GLARE Tire Magic (12 Pack/16 oz. bottles)
Glare Tire Magic will filter out harmful Ultra Violet Rays from the sun. Extreme temperature resistant formula for all climates. Stops tires from cracking and fading. Gives a beautiful rich natural high gloss finish. Splatter resistant formula. Easy to use - just spray and wipe!

Price: $198.00  


GLARE Knock-Out (24 Pack/12 oz. bottles)
GLARE KNOCKOUT is a heavy cutting compound that contains our proprietary Glassplexin formulation. Again, like all GLARE products, this is a product that does not contain any type of carnauba wax, synthetic polymer wax, or resins. GLARE KNOCKOUT is the most aggressive product in the GLARE line and is designed to remove and repair the heaviest levels of oxidation and scratches in a safe and effective manner through both physical and advanced chemical means. It has been designed to be as aggressive as possible without being overly abrasive. It’s balanced. GLARE KNOCKOUT will not only remove and reverse oxidation, but will also remove stains and repair damage like bird dropping stains and hard water spot damage. GLARE KNOCKOUT will remove industrial fallout as well. If you have that deep scratch or scuff that you thought could never be fixed outside of repainting, prepare to get knocked out because GLARE KNOCKOUT can fix it. This product is also great for feathering in touch up paint to blend in with the original paint. GLARE KNOCKOUT should always be followed with an application of GLARE MICRO-FINISH.

Price: $549.00  


GLARE Vinyl Leather (24 Pack/12 oz. bottles)
GLARE Vinyl/Leather all Weather Protectant contains a special blend of natural ingredients and a chemical formulation called SUPPLEXIN which is designed to beautify, soften, deodorize, preserve, and protect against damaging agents found in the everyday usage of your vehicle's interior. This product cleans, conditions, preserves, and protects in one easy step while smelling great at the same time. Contains no harmful silicons, or adverse active ingredients. Blocks harmful UV rays. The finest and most technologically advanced interior product ever unleashed on the car care market, and thus worthy of the Glare Name. Beyond 22nd Century Technology!

Price: $356.00  


GLARE Rapid Action Spray Polish (12 Pack/16 oz. bottles)
Ultimate protection for Cars, Planes, Boats, Motorcycles, Fiberglass, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Carbon Graphite & Polished Aluminum. Now in a convenient and easy to use spray formula. Contains Glassplexin and lasts up to six months. Bonds molecularly to your paints. The most exciting polish ever developed. Beyond 22nd century technology.

Price: $320.66  


GLARE Turbo Action Wheel Cleaner (12 Pack/16 oz. bottles)
Glare Turbo Action Wheel Cleaner is the most powerful, effective, and fastest working wheel cleaner on the market. Safe for ALL types of wheels - Aluminum, Chrome, Magnesium - as well as clear coated and painted wheels. Makes your wheels look show room bright and shiny the easy and safe way. Removes and dissolves dirt, grime, brake dust, and grease. Just spray on Glare Turbo Action Wheel Cleaner to dirty wheels and hose off with clean water to get your wheels looking like new again!

Price: $174.00  


GLARE Sahara Wash and Detail Spray (12 Pack/16 oz. bottles)
Sahara Wash and Detail is the only safe solution to washing and detailing your vehicle as an express polish or after care product. This does not replace Glare Professional polish. This is a beautiful after care product when your vehicle gets very dirty and you want to clean and maintain the original deep beyond wet look shine you received using the Glare Professional Polish. Sahara Wash and Detail is a safe and effective wash and detail product rolled into one. This product is the perfect solution when water supply is limited. Do not confuse this product with Glare Rapid Action which has a 6 months lasting protection, and is not a wash. Safe on all exterior materials. The most revolutionary product of this kind on the market. Easy to use on all cars. Clear coat safe and recommended . This is the best spray polish you can buy. Great for use on motorcycles, glass, and polycarbonate as well.

Price: $323.46  


GLARE Sahara Refill (12 Pack/32 oz. bottles)
Run out of GLARE SAHARA SPRAY? Order a 32oz. refill 12 pack.

Price: $595.00  


GLARE Liqui-Clay (24 Pack/12 oz. bottles)
Smoothes and removes stubborn blemishes before polishing! Won't re scratch your paint like a regular Clay Bar. Fast and very easy to use. The MOST advanced claying system for your vehicle's finish ever developed! * Restores Color * Picks up Debris. Fallout, Insects, and Dirt Particles like a Magnet! * Smoothes paint like glass * Preps paint before polishing.

Price: $549.00  


GLARE Ultra Wash (24 Pack/12 oz. bottles)
The most advanced wash ever developed. A PH balanced concentrated wash. Safe for all paints and finishes including the new clear-coated paints. New technology that leaves your vehicle clean and glossy like no other vehicle wash can. Contains Glassplexin. [12 oz.]

Price: $348.00  


Glare Zero 12/32oz Bottles Per Case
GLAR Zerol Nothing Like it in on the Market! HEAT TRANSFERANCE MOLECULAR FUSION COMPOUND GLARE ZERO is the very latest in paint prep technology. Taking advantage of technological developments in new types of chemical agents, combined with a special Glassplexin formulation that is heat activated through High Speed Friction (We recommend using the all new GLARE HURRICANE HIGH SPEED BUFFER), GLARE ZERO molecularly fuses gaps and micro scrapes in paint and clear-coat caused by color-sanding and professional paint preparation that was never before possible until now. This very special chemical combination will initially transform the surface of the paint or clear-coat into a semi-liquid state with fluid movement when activated by heat causing friction, molecularly fusing the paint gaps into a truly flat, solid, and super smooth mirror like surface. This chemical reaction, which initially softens the paint, actually ends in hardening the paint surface into a much harder and more resilient type of “Ultra Paint.” The newly formed paint surface is super hard when finished and cured. The end result is a harder paint or clear-coat with a higher surface tension, and a higher depth of gloss and shine that is unmatched by any other compound in the industry. GLARE ZERO is the absolute beginning in creating the finest GLARE finish obtainable. This is a professional product that delivers better than professional results. GLARE ZERO exceeds body shop and custom paint shop standards, and ULTRA 2000 MFG INT’L INC is proud to introduce the very latest in buffing compound technology to you. GLARE ZERO is beyond 22nd Century technology. Before step 1 there’s ZERO.

Price: $1,445.00  


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